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Тот же супер-пупер чит с меньшими функциями
Improved Force Host
Added Time Scale
Added Explosive Bullets
Added Crazy Ragdoll
Added Super Knife

AMMO* (Unlimited AMMO)
Jump Height (Adjust Your Jump Heigh)
Fall Damage (No Fall Damage)
Gravity (Change The Gravity)
Sprint Speed (Change Your Sprint Speed)
FOV (Change Your Field Of View)
Force Host (Always Get Host) Be Patient When Trying To Get Host
Force Laser (Forces Laser Sights)
NO HUD (Removes HUD)
Thirdperson (Thirdperson View)
Firstperson (Firstperson View)
No Gun (Removes Gun From Screen)
Show FPS (Displays Your Ingame Framerate)
No Smoke/Flash (Removes Flash, Smoke And Shellshock)
Time Scale (Slow Down Time)
Explosive Bullets (Explains Itself)
Crazy Ragdoll (Makes Ragdolls Go Crazy)
Super Knife (Auto Lock And Knife Any Distance)