BFH hack for v1.36
PBSS blocker included.
Undetected as of 2010/09/23
Tested & working on Windows XP SP3 32bit and Windows 7 64bit.

- Start the game
- Login to your character (be still at main menu)
- Start the CDS & select Battlefield Heroes
- Enjoy!

- To use aimbot, hold down aimkey (Mouse4 or Shift)

- Aimbot (hold down aimkey to aim at a target)
- Dot ESP (shows a dot on each player, blue are friends & red are enemies)
- Radar (radar is centered around center of screen/crosshair)
- Far viewdistance (twice normal)
- No grass/bushes etc.
- Display FPS
- Console unlocked (F11 to toggle)

- Novocain
- Patrick (bf2 base which got me into bf hacking in the first place)
- Freaky123 (bfh console class etc.)

Random shouts:
- Sam
- Pilfer
- Ummbop
- fatboy88
- g0dly

Tested by:
- hanoi22
- pandorauc
Thanks alot guys!