Продам ''Dreaded Greevil''
''Dreaded Greevil''

Dota 2
Unusual Mythical Courier
A strange beast infused with magic. Its color, appearance, and abilities are determined by the types of magical essences it was exposed to while still an egg.

Greevil Lock
Greevil Golem

Essence Bonuses
24% Critical Strike Chance
+40 Move Speed
+45 Attack Speed
+200 Health
+24 Magical Armor
+16 Attack Damage
30% Block Chance

Courier Slots
Horns: Demonic Greevil Horns
Teeth: Jagged Greevil Teeth
Tail: Evil Greevil Tail
Wings: Gothic Greevil Wings
Eyes: Googly Greevil Eyes
Effect: Corp Aura
Feathers: Shaggy Greevil Feathers
Метки: Unusual, Mythical, Courier, Courier, Other, 1000, Можно обменивать, Нельзя продать

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