Сообщение: Продаю чит для Battlefield 3 от **************
Пользователь: naykvist
Нарушение: Нарушение правил форума
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Продам приватный чит от ************** для Battlefield 3.
Чит покупался лично у админа ( skype: rast-ganja)
Читом пользовался ровно неделю
Покупал за 500 рублей, продаю за 350.
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Battlefield 3 Extension Hack

Feature list:

Visual Options
Reveal Enemies
Reveal you own team
Reveal all Vehicles (with exact name)
Show Players health
Show Distance to the player
Show Bounding Box over the player/vehicle
Show a dot on each player
Show a extra crosshair
define your colors for Enemy/Team/Vehicle/Crosshair/Visible Color
Visible Warnings
Enemy is aiming at you function

Aiming Options
Activate or deactivate the aimbot
Aimbot with full bone aim
With Vehicle Aimbot (Support all vehicles in game!) 1st person +3d person support! pwn ur enemy with 3d cam
With Jet Aimbot (automatic aimbot u must just hold aimkey.) 1st person + 3d person support.
With Heli Gunner and Pilot Aimbot
Activate or deactivate No Spread/No Recoil/No Shake
Check if targets are visible
Activate or deactivate No Breath
Aiming options - Switch Target/Aim Lock
Select a bone from the list from foot to head
Aiming Variants - Near Crosshair/Closest Enemy/Lowest Health
Aiming Force - how strong die aimbot aims to a other target
Define your own bulletspeed for weapons. (for better prediction)
Define your own AimKey, with alternative aim key
Limit aim angle from the aimbot
One Shot Kill - Infantry only. Kill each enemy with one shot!
MagicBullets - kill your enemy via wall with 1 bullet

Hack Settings
Load and Save hack settings
Create multiple hack profiles.
Pb secure mode. When a violation returns from the server the hack are auto kicking you.
Jet Helper key. Fly always with the best speed.
Hack works always for the latest patch
PB secure. You can play with this hack on all pb-enabled servers.
PB Screenshot cleaner. Hack auto turn off when a screenshot is made.
KillSounds support Default/EvilSounds/FpsDoug

Customize the whole menu
Define your own style
Profile option for the menu
Select and save menu-key
With menu sounds
Clock Display
Fps Display


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Как видите, главной особесносью даного чита в РАБОЧЕМ аиме с техники.
Смену HWID я обезпечиваю.
На гаранта согласен

Связь со мной через скайп: steblynamaxim

Compatible with DirectX11 only