Extreme Edition V4.1 (1.1.195) + ESP FIX

Aim Hack Removed (Too Buggy)
Added God Mode (Never Die)
ESP Improved (Works Any Distance And No Green Box )
General Code And Speed Improvements

Fully Customizable
Customize Colour
Customize Font
Customize Text Colour
Customization Automatically Saved
Super Jump (Jump Super High)
No Fall Damage (No Fall Damage)
Low Gravity (Change The Gravity)
Super Speed (Sprint Super Fast)
Force Laser (Forces Laser Sights)
Thirdperson (Thirdperson View)
No Gun (Removes Gun From Screen)
Show FPS (Displays Your Ingame Framerate)
No Smoke (Removes Smoke)
No Flash (Removes Flash)
Slow Mo (Slow Down Time)
Explosive Bullets (Explains Itself)
FOV (Wider FOV)
Super Knife (Kill With The Knife From Any Distance)
Force Host (Always Get Host Ingame) Be Patient When Trying To Get Host
Text Spammer (For Any Chat Window Example MSN)
Auto Clicker
No Fog (Removes Fog From The Map)
No Sun (Removes The Sun From The Map)
ESP (Enemy ESP When Visible)
God Mode (Never Die) Buggy I Only Recommend Using In Private Matches